Engaging. Witty. Insightful. Effective. 

Dr. Dan Wool is a frequent public speaker on health and lifestyle topics

at organizations throughout Arizona. 

His mission: to empower people to understand and take charge of their health. This passion led him to make the leap from 20 years in corporate life to become a naturopathic physician – and he hasn’t looked back. Today he uses his unique background to work with patients to heal chronic conditions and live their best life – starting with those who spend their day at a desk. 

Dr. Wool's most popular talks include: 

The future of medicine: How, Why and When to use a naturopathic doctor

We've all been to a primary care doctor, specialist or Urgent Care, but what is a naturopath? And why should people consider one to manage their health? Dr. Wool discusses the history of naturopathic medicine and puts it in context for what it is and isn't in 2019. He explores what an NMD does vs. an MD and explores why this medicine with roots in the past is ideal for our future. 

Self-care success secrets

Many people only have two speeds: 110 percent and off. Dr. Wool exposes the myths of work-life balance – and gets to the nitty-gritty of how to survive and thrive when you can’t get off the “busy” treadmill. He explores the 4 most common ways being over-programmed affects our health and he offers simple, practical secrets to take control of one’s well-being – including things employees can do before they get back to their desk. 


Things your gut tells you that your doctor won't

Burping. Bloating. Gas. Stomach aches. Urgent visits to the restroom. With a surprising and funny analogy, Dr. Wool lets employees in on the 5 things doctors never tell you about your gut. He demystifies the signs and symptoms of the most common digestive issues and makes the connections to our overall health. He provides audiences with easy, natural solutions to stay productive and keep their “second brain” healthy.  


Custom talk series

What health challenges do your employees have most? Dr. Wool will create a custom talk series with you to address these to improve worker productivity. He creates the talks as well as corporate intranet articles and promotional materials. 



"Dr. Wool was the guest speaker for our first Learning Circle of 2019 and he delivered an insightful overview on Naturopathic Medicine and why this classic style of healthcare is the wave of the future. He did an excellent job. Overall, he was engaging and thought provoking and our staff really enjoyed his sense of humor and personal stories.  We were provided some great tips to incorporate in our daily lives that could support our own wellness in the workplace."  --Adriana Baker, Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner, Aspect Software, Phoenix