Investing in your well-being


As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Wool spends a lot of time getting to know you and he is very thorough. He strives to find and treat the root cause of your condition and supports your body’s natural ability to heal. His objective is to get you feeling well overall, not to suppress symptoms. Dr. Wool likes to set clear expectations with his patients and strives to be 100% transparent.


One of the main hurdles for many people to see a naturopathic doctor is the perceived cost. Most people use health insurance when they see a doctor but Naturopathic doctors generally don’t take it (or rather, the insurance companies don’t take us).

Our practice is cash pay. We make no apology for that – it is the true cost of medical care and services – and that’s actually very freeing for both of us.

The difference between Dr. Wool and a traditional medical doctor is that he actually wants you well for the long term, without forever medications and costly procedures.

Done correctly your costs can be significantly lower than with traditional health insurance and medical care. You may pay more up front. But there’s the whole “actually solving your health problems” thing so you don’t have to keep spending long term.


15 minutes; free

Get to know Dr. Wool, Chambers Clinic and the naturopathic medical approach

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Initial Intake

60-90 minutes; $395

Thorough intake, physical exam, data gathering to get to root cause of illness

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Findings Review

30-60 minutes; $175

Review of diagnosis, lab tests, treatment plan, rationale

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30-60 minutes; $175

Monthly progress visits to review and adjust 
treatment plan

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Expected Investment 

Getting started:

Initial: $395

Follow-up visit: $175

Brief appointment: $125

Other potential costs: 

Lab tests: ~$200-300

Medications: ~$0-100/mo.

Supplements: ~$30-100/mo.

Treatments: ~$25-200/session

Naturopathic Doctors and Insurance 

 Insurance does not cover: *

Dr. visits, specialty labs, treatments, supplements

Insurance may reimburse:* 

Basic labs, medications 

Do you take HSAs/FSAs?*


* Check with your insurance provider for coverage details.


Appointment Details

Free 15 minute Orientation (optional)

What is the Orientation consult? For those new to naturopathic medicine, Dr. Wool offers a free 15 minute appointment where you can get to know one another. You discuss your condition as well as any questions or concerns. He also shares the naturopathic medical approach, general costs and different ways he can help, and whether working together will be a good fit.

  • What can you expect at your Orientation with Dr. Wool? Dr. Wool cares about every person who visits with him and wants every patient to feel well. His goal is to help you move forward with your health and nobody leaves his office without some better direction.

  • Actions on-site: Review and fill out clinic policy, demographic and consent forms; medical records request forms; schedule Initial appointment; schedule Blood draw and Report of findings appointment.

After your “Free 15” and before your Initial appointment:

  • Patient portal: When you schedule your Initial appointment, Chambers Clinic staff will email you an invitation to our online portal. Please fill out the online forms at least 48 hours before your visit. This enables Dr. Wool and his team to fully prepare for your Initial appointment, keeps your visit on time and makes it go more smoothly.

  • Actions before Initial appointment: Sign into the Chambers Clinic patient portal; fill out patient questionnaire; email any recent labs or other medical reports you feel are important to share with Dr. Wool at your visit. 

1. Initial appointment (60-90 minutes): $395

  • What is the Initial appointment? Your first medical visit with Dr. Wool is all about data gathering. You will spend a lot of time together in this appointment -- around 90 minutes -- and it’s not like any medical intake you may be used to. His objective is not just to understand your symptoms but also to understand the total picture of your lifestyle and your body’s organ systems. This way he can get to the root cause of illness and diagnose and treat you more effectively.

  • What can you expect at your Initial appointment with Dr. Wool? You and Dr. Wool will have a long and detailed discussion. He does a lot of listening and asks a lot of medical and relevant personal questions. (He also does a lot of typing into your chart). Dr. Wool will take vital signs and perform a screening physical exam (head, heart, lungs, abdomen, reflexes, etc.). Toward the end of the visit, he may share any initial impressions and help you to understand next steps. He also will order labs for further study; often you can get your blood draw done in the office after your appointment. Specialty labs may be ordered; these are performed at home or ordered and delivered to you. Dr. Wool also has all of his patients complete a Diet Diary that must be brought to their Follow-up Appointment; he will discuss what this is what what he expect during the Initial visit. 

  • Please note: Dr. Wool typically does not treat you at the Initial Appointment, especially chronic conditions; he is still gathering information and data. The major components of your treatment plan typically will come at the Review of Findings appointment, once he has all objective lab results in hand and has spent more time behind-the-scenes studying your specific case and diagnosis. That said, if there are simple interventions he can recommend at the Initial appointment, he always will.

  • During your Initial appointment: 

    • Initial medical intake (“q&a”)

    • Vital signs

    • Screening physical exam (head, heart, lungs, abdomen, reflexes, etc.)

    • Discussion of initial impressions and next steps, if applicable

    • Order lab tests and/or medical imaging. 

2. Report of findings, lab review, treatment plan (30-60 minutes): $175

  • When? 2 weeks after Initial Appointment (it is a good idea to schedule this when you schedule your Initial appointment) 

  • What is the Report of findings appointment? This is the companion to your Initial visit (kind of a Part 1 and Part 2). At this first follow-up appointment, Dr. Wool will thoroughly review your case and lab findings and their significance with you. 

  • What can you expect from the Report of findings appointment? Dr. Wool partners with you to discuss diagnosis, rationale, costs and the go-forward treatment plan, which can include options such as: 

    • Diet and/or lifestyle modifications

    • Nutritional supplement regimen

    • Botanical remedies

    • In-office treatments such as: 

      • Acupuncture

      • Nutrient IV therapy

      • Colonics

      • Sauna

      • Lymphatic massage

  • Actions at the Report of findings visit: 

    • Review case, labs and diagnosis

    • Discuss scope of treatment, timing and go-forward plan

    • Review success tips

3. Regular Follow-up appointments (30-60 minutes): $175

  • When? Typically monthly, though depends on each case

  • What can you expect a your Follow-up appointments? At follow-up appointments, we discuss how you’re feeling, where you are in the healing process and Dr. Wool may modify your treatment plan accordingly. For some conditions that have treatment in specific phases, Dr. Wool will help you to understand next steps. 

  • Please note: Every case and its severity differs -- some patients may need weekly or bi-weeky care in the beginning; some may have monthly follow-ups for 3 months, others may require monthly visits for a year. That said, typically, as time goes on and treatments gain traction, Follow-up appointments may stretch to become every 2-3 months or longer. Dr. Wool always works with you to ensure you understand what’s going on and we will do what is both reasonable and medically necessary for your condition. 

  • Actions: Case review, treatment plan adjustments

Check-in calls (5-10 minutes): Free

  • When? Periodically between appointments; frequency varies

  • Can you call or email Dr. Wool? Yes. Many patients are surprised to learn that they can call and ask questions about their treatment between visits. Your feedback is vitally important for your treatment success.These calls may include any concerns and challenges, side effects you may be experiencing or successes to share. You are investing in your health and we are partners. Dr. Wool’s objective is to get you well and to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during the process. Because he strives to get back with his patients quickly (within one business day), he prefers phone calls during business hours; this is more efficient and direct. The back and forth of email or text (believe it or not) can cause more patient confusion and takes a lot longer. 

Overview of Lab Testing

Blood work and other investigative tests are an area where costs can add up at other facilities. Dr. Wool was a patient once too. While he strives to create protocols to help avoid excessive fees, objective testing is necessary to rule out certain causes and get to your specific diagnosis. These tests may include: 

Blood labs (10-20 minutes): $25 draw fee + $160-$795 (average $200-$300) - depends on tests ordered

  • When? After Initial Appointment (usually, day of)

  • What can you expect with blood tests at Chambers Clinic? Typically, after an Initial appointment, Dr. Wool will order blood labs specific to your condition to rule out certain causes and get to your specific diagnosis. If a patient has not visited a doctor in some time or does not have current labs available from another practitioner, Dr. Wool will order a general screening panel to assess overall wellness. 

  • Where do you go for labs? Chambers Clinic has a full blood draw station in both its Scottsdale and Tempe offices and works with several reputable, private blood processing labs to reduce costs for patients. Even with the $25 draw fee -- which covers staff time for phlebotomy and processing -- these tests tend to be less expensive than the major brand name facilities like Quest or LabCorp (though we work with them too). While standard blood labs are often covered by health insurance plans, Chambers Clinic also has negotiated comparable cash prices. 

Specialty tests (duration varies, often take-home): ~$179-$900 (average: ~$350)

  • When? Varies, but typically after Initial Appointment

  • What is a specialty lab test? Sometimes specialty lab tests are essential to get deeper information for diagnosis and treatment of a condition. Common tests Dr. Wool order include: SIBO breath tests, stool analysis, food sensitivity tests, electrodermal tests (EAV) and others. Some specialty tests can be performed in the office; some are in kits that the patient takes home and mails directly to the lab facility. He will always review with you the indication for any lab, the costs and the procedure. Depending on the lab, Dr. Wool or one of the clinic’s medical assistants will demonstrate how it works and what is expected. These tests are cash pay and not typically covered by health insurance; however, the clinic staff can provide you a superbill with diagnosis codes that many insurance groups enable you to submit for any reimbursement. 

Frequently asked questions on costs

What does generally cost to work with Dr. Wool? 

Dr. Wool prides himself on being a good steward of your personal health investment. His care is consistently less expensive than most integrative, naturopathic and functional medicine doctors. He emphasizes self care success and treatment protocols to keep costs low. He orders that which is 100% medically necessary while avoiding frivolous testing and supplementation.

That said, different people have different health issues that require differing amounts of care -- your treatment is individualized -- so pinpointing costs can be tricky. Getting started in earnest with an Initial visit, lab tests, Review of findings appointment and treatment plan can cost around $500-$700 or more. 

Do you take health insurance? 

  • For lab tests: Yes. Often, blood work and lab tests can be covered by health insurance. Chambers Clinic staff can submit insurance information with your lab tests to help you mitigate costs. It's always good to check with your insurance provider first. 

  • For doctor visits: No. Unlike MDs, DOs and DCs, care from NMDs is considered out-of-network and direct insurance arrangements are not accepted. Doctor visits and many of the associated costs for naturopathic care are 100% cash pay without any co-pay. Visits with Dr Wool range in cost from $150 to $295.

  • But what about... 

    • Reimbursement? Some insurance companies enable patients to submit a medically-coded “superbill” for reimbursement; Chambers Clinic staff can generate this for you. 

    • HSA/FSAs? Payment from your Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account for naturopathic care is generally accepted. 

    • Please check with your insurance provider for what is (and what is not) acceptableAs a general rule, you should expect that all costs will be out of pocket.

What are some other costs associated with care?

Nutritional supplements $30-$150/month 

  • What can you expect with nutritional supplements? Dr. Wool believes that supplements are there to supplement your health. He prescribes them for specific deficiencies or to address specific health issues. Often these are temporarily used during treatment for the condition. Some patients require longer term supplementation. Some people like the way they feel on particular supplements and prefer to use them regularly when safe to do so. Chambers Clinic has a fully-stocked medical-grade supplements store from the most reputable providers; we only use supplements that we’ve seen work clinically time and again.

Medications $0-$100

  • Do NMDs prescribe medications? Yes. Naturopathic physicians are licensed in the State of Arizona to prescribe most pharmaceutical medications. Many doctors also hold a federal DEA license to prescribe controlled substances such as bioidentical hormones. While our therapeutic order prioritizes high efficacy, least-harm natural interventions, sometimes medications are necessary. Prescriptions are sent to your local pharmacy like any other doctor. The medications are often covered by health insurance plans. Dr. Wool also uses compounding pharmacies to create custom medications, which are more effective and cost-effective for some conditions. He will always go over the indications for pharmaceutical use and any possible side effects with you. 

Treatments (30-60 minutes) $25-$200 each

  • What are these? Chambers Clinic offers a comprehensive array of in-office treatments ranging from acupuncture to colon hydrotherapy to IV nutrient therapy. 

  • What can you expect with Treatments? Dr. Wool will prescribe treatments when he feels it is the best way to address your condition. Sometimes multiple treatments will be recommended over a given amount of time (say, twice a week for a month). Or, with autoimmune disease cases or detoxification, for example, multiple modalities may be recommended in a specific order on a single day. Dr. Wool always will review the rationale of any treatments with you and help you understand what to expect. Chambers Clinic offers treatment packages to keep costs reasonable for patients. 


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