Is "Over 40" natural medicine a thing?

"Never feel over 40!"

Why would I say this? Or even market it?

There are plenty of people UNDER 40 who need health help. I agree. And I see them all the time, too.

40 is... just... it's just...the age when we start feeling our mortality more acutely.

Health issues can crop up in our 20s and 30s but we’re able to generally able push through and brush them aside. (Like say, crushing a 12-pack without a hangover).

Because damn! We were still young Wolverines and Wonder Women! Wet Gremlins fed after midnight!

And when uncomplicated stuff crops up under 40, primary care doctors are a great solution. Get sick. Fix sick. Move on.

But the 40s…sigh…health issues crop up and suddenly the patterns emerge: OMG this is exactly what my father/mother/aunt/uncle/ grandparent had (or died from).

And it’s when you realize (gulp!) you haven’t had a serious wellness exam in years.

And of course all diagnoses from Dr. Google end in...Cancer. Oh no! I'm hosed!

BTW, men are the worst – we procrastinate so badly on going to the doctor. (Guys, let me solve this: the Fletch “Moon River” exams aren’t a thing).

My issues were, shall we say, glove-free: my gut started burning.

I took the tum tum Tums. I took the Larry the Cable Guy Prilosec. Just like anyone else.

And surprise…it didn’t help.

I saw docs. They prescribed more and better. Meh.

Should I change my diet? I guess that could help. (Guess?! Could?!) Here’s a fact sheet on what to avoid that I didn’t write or read from my medical record software.

Should I see a specialist? Nope you’re fine. (Alice: “Then, why am I here?” Dr. Catepillar: “Exactly.”)

Specialist (after begging): I only do [fill in the blank]. You need to see [insert other specialist].

For three years this madness went on.

And then family started to tell me: your dad had ulcers. Your grandfather thought he had indigestion too but turned out he needed a bypass. Your great grandfather used to drink baking soda and water after every meal to settle his stomach. Quickly Googles symptoms: Oh F! Cancer! I’m F'd!

Sound familiar? Insert heart or breasts or uterus or colon. Sound Over 40?

I don't mean to make 40+ sound depressing or like a death sentence - far from it. It's just that Wellness becomes all that more critical to focus on.

So here’s totally biased theory: as you approach your 40s (and beyond), you need a different kind of doctor. A quarterback. A listener. (A calmer-downer?) A dot connector. An optimizer. A care-er.

Five minute visits and magic pills won’t get it done anymore for your many questions and concerns. How can it?

There is no slowing down Father time. (Right, “Friends Reunion” Matthew Perry?) But never FEELING over 40 is doable with Mother Nature.

And today that takes an over40doc in your corner with a different point of view and solutions specific to you.

If this sounds like something you're about too, click here to book a no-obligation, free 15minute visit with me. No sales picth, no obligation and you won't leaves our meeting without some better direction for your health.

And...Never feel over 40!

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